Our March Business Heroes drill-down topic was Transformation. I recently had the privilege to meet and interview Adam Lawrence about business transformation. Adam has years of experience transforming business and factory processes through his business, Process Improvement Partners, LLC. I figured he could offer some great insights and tips on what transformation looks like for him and how some of those concepts can translate to a small business setting as well.


Watch the full interview here: https://vimeo.com/327292311

How do you decide if transformation is worth pursuing? : https://vimeo.com/327306726

What is chartering? : https://vimeo.com/328184645

How do you assemble a team for transformation? : https://vimeo.com/327293828

Is it better to make one big transformation or a series of small transformations over time? : https://vimeo.com/327307142

Any last insights to make transformation a success? : https://vimeo.com/327307721

Jen loves working on new business endeavors and wants to use the great technology out there to help clients achieve their goals. When she’s not working with clients, Jen enjoys swing dancing and playing board games with friends.