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Here are key steps to attract, sell, retain and grow new customers. Build relationships that grow your business and make it last




Don Bishop is President of the successful internet solutions company, Affinigent. Don helps small business owners across America to grow, increase sales and profits. He specializes in helping busy companies with cutting edge internet technology solutions. These solutions allow them to work smarter (not harder). The result is that they save time, become more effective, increase revenue, increase profit and decrease stress.

Don has a rich history of using technology to improve business communications. Since beginning in 1973

  • Intuition, Inc (multimedia slides, film & video)
  • Lilco Productions (video)
  • Don Bishop Communications (Print & AV media)
  • Image Works Computer Graphics Corporation (computer generated slides)
  • Beacon Resources, Inc. (3D animation, print & video)
  • Affinigent Inc.

What Others Have Said About Don

Don is one of my “Business Heroes” and provides an environment for me to learn and grown unlike almost anyone else out there.

Kennon Fort

The topics that he speaks on are real, they are relevant, and they are applicable to each and every one of us.

Rick Balmer

I like Don. He’s kind of a sleeper. You have to pay attention, but then you realize he gives you a lot!

Aed Roberts

What You’ll Learn

Chapter 1:

Make it easier to get the leads you need to grow your business

Chapter 2:

Turn leads into warm prospects who know and trust you

Chapter 3:

Turn Prospects into Customers

Chapter 4:

Turn your Customers into Fans who will brag about you

Chapter 5:

Perpetuate your business based on the customers you already have

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