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From first draft to national distribution. A book, a website and social media


Molly Henderson had a story to tell. She ran for county commissioner in 2 elections. She served four tumultuous years as a County Commissioner Her name was mentioned in over 1,600 newspaper articles. There were lawsuits, depositions, transcripts, winners and losers Molly had a story to tell. Her story. She knew it needed to be a book. She was determined that her story be supported by facts. She came to Affinigent with a manuscript, hoping to turn it into a real book. So that is what we did…and more. Step one was to create the design for the book. It was a complex story that required extensive text, over 740 footnotes, graphics and illustrations. Once the design of the book was complete, it needed an audience. Amazon provided a platform to make it available to anyone. There was the paperback book you could touch and feel and own. There was also a Kindle version. Even with a 545 page book, Molly’s story was not complete. A website would share all of the supporting documents that told the whole story. Finding a wider audience was also part of the plan. A few videos, a Facebook Page and LinkedIN posts rounded out the initial promotional phase. That is what we mean when we talk about Transformation. It started with an idea, a story, in this case a manuscript. The transformation was complete with a book, a website, videos and social media.