Business Heroes Book  Project: Our members are now just Business Heroes...not they are becoming authors too.

Many of our Business Heroes Chapter members are becoming authors.  Check out our 'Business Heroes Book Project'.  It might be perfect for you.

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The process is easy and powerful!

  • You share your business expertise

    We interview you to gather and collate your experiences and some of your direct business knowledge.

  • We organize the content and produce the book

    Our team will interview you and then create your chapter of the book for your final review.

  • You use the book to promote your business

    See how using your book as a megaphone for your business can propel you to the next level.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying

Creating my first book was one of the hardest things I ever did.  Luckily I had a good coach to guide me along the way.

Don Bishop
Don Bishop Affinigent, Inc.
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