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Our mission is simple:

We help small business owners who want to identify and implement new technologies that will make them more successful

The ‘Working Smarter’ Blog

Office Hours

Have a pressing question that you just want answered? That’s why office hours exists to help. This regular webinar event seeks to answer your questions about small business strategies, how to implement technologies, and more. BT4SB Members can not only access to this great content, but get invites to participate in the events and to contribute.

Tips, Training, & Techniques

Your sales funnel

Whether you realize it or not, other companies have used their “sales funnel” on you when you bought or considered buying something. You can create your own seller’s process to help your leads become your customers.

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Password protection

Since most online services require you to use your email address for your login, your email becomes a single point of failure for all your accounts. Shore up your email address with a strong, hard-to-guess password and use 2-Factor Authentication if your email provider supports it.

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Domain name scams

When you register a domain name, your contact information on that domain registration is made public unless you hide it. This makes it easier for people to access your information and potentially scam you.

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Business Heroes

We’re committed to seeing small businesses succeed. That’s why we’ve organized the FREE discussion and networking event known as ‘Business Heroes’. In this monthly meeting, we cover topics relevant to small business owners… topics that we’ve heard from our clients time and time again in the form of questions: How can I get more leads? Which eCommerce platform do I need? Should I follow up more regularly with my current customers? What is HTTPS and does it matter to me?

The handouts, worksheets, and other resources from the meetings are FREE to download. You just have to create a free account.

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